Wednesday, April 11, 2012

what's there to say about love?

This is the final written blog post of the semester. I have definitely become familiar with the topic of love and its many faces. It hasn't bee easy writing about a topic that may seem a little taboo. Let me know what YOU have to say about love. 

loves, d.cluff 


  1. I love your blog layout and the color scheme! I also love the layout of all of your posts and the time you spent in their design and structure. The only hard thing is that on my small laptop computer screen, I have to download the images and zoom in on them to be able to read the text. I don't know if this same issue would happen on a larger computer. I know it is hard because the blogger program only allows images to be a certain sizes, so I'm not sure if it is a fixable problem, but maybe! :)

    1. Oh, I also love your font choice!

    2. It is the program that doesn't allow you to add a PDF.

  2. Yes like chelz2crazy said, the visual style of this blog is well done. I might adjust some of the intensities and values of the font colors for readability, though. Like another of the blogs from our class, you are not afraid to take a deeply personal topic and put your own experience of it right out there. That gets props from me. :-) It also reminds me of a song lyric by The Format:

    "I love love,
    I love being in love,
    I don't care what it does to me..."

    Haha well done Damaris.